Just like there is personal credit, there is business credit. It’s surprising that people set up businesses, operate them without understanding what business credit is. The one important reason a business should work towards building its business credit is to increase financial capacity.

Why is it Important to Build Credit for Your Business

  • One reason it is important to build your business credit is the fact that it helps a business grow. For example you want to take a loan or get a partner. Successful partners will look at the credit of your business before they can invest in it while banks will use your credit to set loan terms. If the credit score is low, it will be a challenge to get financing or a partner.
  • It increases company’s value in a significant way. When a business has built its credit, it’s easy to get an investor to invest in. An investor will put their money in the business knowing that it is a well-managed one. They will not ask you for your credit score, they will check with credit agencies. You may never know why they are interested in your business but it’s probably because they checked its credit score.
  • Building credit for your business helps in protecting your personal credit. To ensure that personal credit is protected, avoid mixing business and personal credit building. Even if your business defaults, your personal credit will not be affected.
  • Your business will be safe in terms of finances. Your business may experience financial challenges along the way. You probably need to pay rent, suppliers and your employees. When there is no enough cash flow in the business, you will turn to creditors. Creditors will not turn you away when you have built your credit score.

What should you Aim while Building Business Credit?

Delayed repayments for loans is a risk that could lead to the business failing. Creditors need to know that you will pay their money in a timely manner thus you should pay your loans as per the agreement. Aim for positive reports from creditors.

Bad credit poses a danger to your business. Some of the things that determine your credit score are such as payment habits, how long the business has been in operation and bankruptcies. Building your credit is an important aspect of every business as it plays a significant role in the success of the business.